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We are professional freelancers and passionate of travel and photography. This platform was created from the junction of these areas. We immerse ourselves in the reality of every place we visit and design our projects independently.

For us photographing means going into other worlds, capturing their essence and showing it trustworthily and accurately to our clients, who become part of a shared journey where we discover unique, unexplored and beautiful places. Our reports reflect the history, culture and customs of their people.

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Where do we work?

Travel + Leisure Magazine

Our photos from some of the most exclusives and luxurious hotels around the world have been published in magazines like Travel + Leisure Mexico.


We regularly collaborate with CaixaBank -Foundation making photo reports for its “Affordable Housing Program” photographing real estate developments in Spain


We work for different agencies like Stocksy United or Offset (Shutterstock) publishing our editorials photographs on some of the most prestigious hotel chains around the world.

About us…

María Ibáñez

María Ibáñez


She was born in Granada. In 2005 she moved to Madrid where she began to study -and to think- as a journalist. But it was in 2008, while she was living in Puebla, Mexico, when she immersed herself in photography.

Since then she has participated in courses, conferences and different projects. She exhibited her work in Rome, where she also studied photojournalism.

Her passion for travelling, writing and catching stories with her camera brought her to go through remote places and to live great adventures.

Lluís Salvadó

Lluís Salvadó


He was born in Granollers, near Barcelona. In 1998 he began learning about photography while studying Audiovisual Communications. After some years working as a sound system technician, he decided to make a radical change in his life and began working as a photographer in 2004.

Since then he has been making documentary projects, reports on events, enterprises and, of course, journeys. And he simultaneously combines it with personal works, like books, exhibitions or magazines on documentary photography like Piel de Foto.


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